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LSD which stands for lysergic acid diethylamide, which is a very powerful hallucinogen which affects several neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. Hallucinogen are chemicals that make you feel, see or hear things that do not exist. These chemicals can affect all your 5 senses for varying lengths of time depending on the strengths and amount taking.

Also known as acid, blotter acid, blotters, boomers and a whole lot. It could appear as a white, odorless and bitter crystalline powder. You can it in a wide variety of forms:

  • Blotter: This is the most frequently used and readily available. They are made by soaking liquid LSD in papers which are then placed under the tongue. Existing in varying strengths
  • Tablets: These are very rare due to their very high concentrations
  • Liquid: LSD liquid is the most expensive form as it used by retailers to either produce blotters or resell. It can be taken by doing drops on sugar, candy or lollipop.

Like every drug, LSD has its side effects which vary between individuals

How long until lsd kicks in ?

The duration LSD takes to kick in varies from 20minutes to two hours with a lot of factors affecting this time frame. Kick in time will be affected by the following factors:

  • Mass to body ratio
  • Amount taken
  • Method of ingestion
  • Whether or not it was taken with another substance

You should have a 15minute window during which nothing should be eaten or drunk
A trip can take up to 12 hours though LSD only stays for about 20 minutes in the human brain. During this period, you may experience the following


How Long Does Lsd Stay In Your System

Similar factors also affect how long LSD stays in your system. LSD will stay in your system for quite a while after ingestion. A urine test for LSD will be positive even 72hours after taking the drug. A blood test has significantly lower duration in your system contrary to testing a hair follicle. They can test positive for up to 90 days after using LSD, this will be the mostly likely test to be run if you’re to be tested.

A few factors which affect how long LSD stay in your system include:

  • Age
  • Liver Function
  • Metabolic Rate

Discontinued use, regular exercise and staying hydrated will help get LSD faster out of your system.

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