How to Buy LSD

How to Buy LSD?

It can be risky to purchase LSD for many reasons. At times, the product is a fake one. At other times, the drugs are not available in a pure form, and could be mixed with some other things – which can make these dangerous for consumption. And yet, many people like to buy it for the hallucinogenic ‘high’ that it gives. How to buy LSD?

Dark Web

The 2018 Global Drug Survey mentioned that it is getting increasingly commoner for buyers to order drugs on the dark web, or the dark area or ‘underground’ of the internet. Many drug users reported of using darknet markets for buying drugs, such as LSD. In 2017, dark web was used in Finland by over 45% of drug users. 18% drug users in the U.S. purchased drugs using the dark web. The number has only grown in the last few years.

How Do People Purchase LSD on the Dark Web?

There are several things to know when it comes to buying LSD from the darknet markets. Firstly, you have to mask your IP address to be able to access the darknet markets. There are varied layers of security and encryption, for protecting customers as well as drug dealers, during such kinds of illegal transactions. A survey conducted on 15,000 cocaine users have revealed that around 5,000 of them were able to get cocaine to their home in half an hour, or even less.

Keep in mind that while one can buy LSD effectively and efficiently on the black market in the dark web, it is not safe to do so. While purchasing this drug, you cannot be sure whether you are being able to get real LSD or a fake counterpart. However, there are testing kits available for purchase online that can be used to test the legality of LSD. It is a good idea to buy a very small amount of LSD on the dark web.

Once you get the substance, you can use any of these kits and find out whether or not the sample that you have bought is a real one. These kits are able to identify LSD positively. Once you are assured that the sample is a pure one, you can order more of it from the same drug dealer on the dark web. It is important to know that fake dealers abound on the dark web, and fake LSD can lead to many unpleasant side effects.

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