How to Store LSD

How to Store LSD?

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or LSD is a kind of psychedelic drug that is a part of the tryptamine and ergoline families. Generally, LSD is orally ingested. However, even when consumed through other routes – like intravenous and intramuscular injections, its potency can be of similar nature and intensity. Its potency can be generally seen when it is shaken in the dark. It has great fluorescent properties. When put under UV light, it can glow bluish white.

How Should LSD Be Stored?

This kind of drug shows sensitivity in the presence of chlorine, UV light and oxygen. Despite that being the case, the potency of LSD is able to last for a long time. It should best be stored in a cool dry place, in an opaque container. This is odorless, colorless and slightly bitter in taste in its purest form.

Unless stored in a proper way, the drug would lose its effects. This recreational drug must be stored in a proper way to ensure that its recreational effects are not lost. This drug has trance-like effects, and it was used by the early tribes in ancient Mexico for this reason in their ancient rituals. They too, stored the drug in a proper way.

How Does Proper Storage of LSD Help?

When you store the drug in a proper way, it can have excellent recreational as well as therapeutic benefits. However, returning to a normal health can be very tough, when you misuse the psychedelic properties of the drug. How you take the drug, and in what amount, has a great role to play in how you are going to feel after using it. It is important to use it in moderation, even when you are using it for medical reasons. Consult your doctor about its intake, before you start using LSD.

If you can store the drug in a proper way, away from UV light, chlorine and oxygen, its potency can last for many years to come. Keep it in an opaque container in a cool dry spot. In its purest form, LSD is odorless and colorless, and due to its high sensitivity, it must be stored well. This kind of recreational drug is not simply some street drug and specific conditions are needed for the proper storage of this hallucinogenic substance. In any case, one should have it in moderation. LSD is a banned substance in the United States, and has various long-term effects.

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