How to Take LSD

How to Take LSD?

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, known commonly as LSD, is a club or party drug that can transfer someone to an imaginary state by inducing hallucinations. This psychedelic drug belongs to the tryptamine and ergoline drug families. It is very powerful and is illegal in the United States. Improper use of LSD can cause people to become physically dependent on it. However, when used in moderation and as per the advice and dosage instruction of physicians, it can be therapeutic. How to take LSD? Read on further to know.

How Should LSD Be Taken?

This drug is normally consumed orally. You can have it as a tablet, or in a liquid form or even as a capsule. It is generally swallowed or even chewed – typically with the aid of a table napkin or any other kind of paper – so as to avoid legal hassles and being charged for a drug crime.

Generally, it matters very little how and in which form it is consumed in. Even when consumed via intravenous and intramuscular injections, or other routes, one can feel similar potency in terms of nature and intensity. Usually, the same kinds of effects are felt by all addicts – a major disconnection from real life is the most notable effect. When LSD is combined with other drugs, it can lead to flashbacks as well as quite a few other effects that can last for a long term. These, when untreated, can give rise to mental health issues.

LSD is usually orally ingested. When it is shaken in the dark, its potency can be seen generally. It can glow bluish white when kept under UV light, as it has excellent fluorescent properties. It is a part of the tryptamine and ergoline drug families, and is a kind of psychedelic drug.

How Long Can Its Effects Last?

Its effects may last for up to 12 hours. Addicts can experience unreal sensations for half a day. Due to hallucinations, there can be erratic and very sudden mood changes. They can go into an imaginary state and have a sense of altered reality. This sense of disconnection can be based on the personality of the user, how much amount is taken etc. They can feel sensations or hear things, and see stuffs that appear to be real but are actually far from reality. Alongside, they can have a feeling of euphoria. Flashbacks and other long-term effects can be felt as well.

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