How to Use LSD Test Kit?

LSD Test Kit

LSD test kit is a reagent based for testing and finding out whether a specific substance is actually LSD. A potent psychedelic drug, LSD is responsible for hallucinations. LSD abuse can lead to acute effects over the long term, such as brain damage, hallucinations and flashbacks. This kind of a test kit is the one that is also used by drug enforcement agencies and forensics departments, to determine whether a substance is LSD or not. This kind of kit is available with directions and can be used very easily. In just a few minutes, it can be possible for you to know whether a specific substance lying before you is LSD.

How to Use a Test Kit for LSD?

Here are the instructions for you to use the kit:

  • Very carefully, crack the glass ampule. This will help you to open the test tube’s upper part.
  • Take a small quantity of the substance sample. Introduce this into the test tube.
  • Now swirl the test tube. It will help combine the substance with the chemical agent.
  • Now compare the color of the sample to the color chart that comes with the test kit.

Generally, this is how most test kits tend to work. In order to find out whether or not a substance that you are testing has LSD, you have to compare the liquid color in the tube to the colors in the chart. In case you find the color in tube matching any of the colors in the chart, the substance has LSD. In case it is showing no color or some other color, the sample is not of an LSD. Generally, the purer the LSD sample that you test, the deeper the purple color of the chemical reagent is.

How to Buy a Test Kit for LSD?

You can easily buy online, and get one at some web based store. Many online stores of repute sell these types of kits, and you can get these with free shipping if the order value exceeds a certain cost or you live close to the warehouse from which the kit would be shipped. Most of these kits are reagent based, and you can get the kit itself as well as a color chart included with the package. At Forensic labs, a lot of money is needed for getting such tests done. With such a kit, you can have the results at a fraction of the cost.

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