Is LSD Dangerous?

Is LSD Dangerous?

LSD is regarded as the most powerful hallucinogenic drug known to humans. According to statistics, the potency of LSD is hundred times more as compared to hallucinogenic mushrooms. It is 4000 times more potent, as compared to mescaline LSD. In the sixties and seventies, it was a major cultural influence. It also influenced popular music or Pop Music of those times. Today, its use is not as prevalent as other controlled substances like Meth. However, it stays a potent drug. Is LSD dangerous? Read on and find out.

Risks and Dangers of LSD

Studies show that LSD is a risk to mental and physical health. LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), similar to other drugs abused for the purpose of recreation, was originally synthesized to be used for medical purposes. Albert Hofmann, a chemist, designed it for use in psychiatric practices. Until the late 1960s, in the United States, LSD remained a legal substance. It was banned when it began to be used too much for recreational purposes. Even after the ban, it remained quite popular in usage among the Western hippies and the musicians.

The drug has significant effects on the mind. Even the smallest quantity of this drug can make a user suffer from its effects for quite a few hours. Those who consume this drug can experience a number of extra-sensory and visual effects. This is because LSD can provide people with a heightened sense of perception. While moving about, users can see trails or patterns of colors. They can also have a feeling of euphoria alongside.

Its usage can also lead to severe behavioral changes, and rise in heart rate as well as blood sugar levels. Many users have been shown to react violently against others as well as themselves. Due to a change in their sense of perception, users can end up having an accident, particularly while driving. When combined with other drugs, it can also contribute to flashbacks and other long-term effects – which can lead to mental health issues.

How to Deal With the Dangers of LSD?

When somebody is found to be high on the intake of this drug, treatment happens to be a must. Many behavioral therapies are there, to help patients feel comfortable about his / her lifestyle which might have prompted the individual to opt for LSD in the first place. The aim of these therapies is to help a person change his behavior and return to own lifestyle. Support groups and counseling are available as well.

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