Liquid LSD

Liquid LSD

LSD starts out as a crystal, and is distributed as a consumable drug from this form. There were LSD gelatin pills (window panes) and “microdots” (tiny pills) that were distributed often in the 60s, along with blotter, for the purchase of liquid LSD. These days, acid (LSD) is observed mainly in the form of blotter paper, although gel tabs and liquid can be found as well as at times. A lot of people using LSD regularly prefer to have liquid acid over other forms. This is because, when liquid acid is stored properly, it can split easily, absorb quickly and last for many years.

How to Take LSD as a Liquid?

The easiest way to do so is to apply a drop on a spoon or onto a sugar cube, put it in the mouth and keep it in there for the longest possible time, so that the skin absorbs it. LSD is absorbed fast beneath the tongue, known as sublingual absorption. With this kind of absorption, any worries are eliminated about absorption getting slowed down due to the presence of food in the stomach.

Effects of Liquid LSD

Those who use LSD can have altered sensory experiences, such as:

  • Visual effects, like movement in stationary objects, distorted shapes and sizes, intensified colors and more.
  • Distortion of sounds
  • Changes in the sense of place and time

Usually, the effects last for around half an hour after the intake of LSD. The effects may last for as long as half a day, based on the dose that is consumed.

Liquid LSD effects depend also on how a user feels while taking it. Users are likelier to experience a ‘bad trip’, in which unpleasant and frightening hallucinations are common, in case they are depressed, agitated or anxious. They can also suffer from paranoia and panic, especially in chaotic, intense or unfamiliar ambiances.

When a user is in a calm and apparently safe environment, as when they are with friends, they are likelier to experience pleasurable trips. A few people report of being more self-aware as well as aware of others. They describe having a spiritual experience after having LSD, and report of being dissociated from their body.

After you consume Liquid LSD, there is no way you can return until the effects wear off. A “bad trip” can be extremely disturbing, as it can last for up to 12 hours. A same individual can have Bad as well as Good ‘trips” in various occasions as well as during the same trip.

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