LSD Effects

LSD Effects

LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is among the top drugs out there that has generated a lot of controversies. This is a hallucinogenic drug that is composed of lysergic acid, found often is Ergot – a type of fungus. It is a chemical that can change the mood. You can find LSD as tablets, capsules and even as liquids at times. This chemical is ingested by the mouth, in most cases.

What are the Side Effects of LSD?

A person taking LSD can be affected in many ways. The amount of this drug that is ingested tends to affect the mood of users. When the chemical is consumed, it can give rise to:

  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Rise in heart rate
  • Rise in body temperature

Dry mouth, sleeplessness and sweating are some of the other effects that can be experienced by a person who takes this drug.

There can be very rapid changes in emotions, and one can suffer from very extreme mood swings. A user can also suffer from delusions and visual hallucinations in case he / she consumes this drug in large doses. Strange situations might also arise when an individual suffers from recurrent thoughts of any incident – or looped thoughts, and few flashbacks. If a user gets addicted to LSD, there are risks of losing control on self, getting insane and even dying at times.

The intake of this chemical can also result in a few side effects. It can have an impact on genetic disorders and also bring about a full change in the lifestyle of an individual. When a person consumes LSD regularly and in high amounts, there can be risks of addiction. Kids who are born of such people in the future can also be susceptible to such kinds of effects.

Is LSD Bad?

There are reports that LSD has therapeutic and medical benefits for some people. However, more research needs to be done in this area. Also, when used for therapeutic benefits, doctor’s consultation and advice are a must. It is necessary to consult a physician if you suspect that a loved one is using LSD for the purpose of recreation. Otherwise, there might be risks of irreversible damage and the consequences of taking the drug can be very negative as aforesaid. Timely medical advice, assistance and intervention can be necessary to prevent negative effects on the health and life of a user and the loved ones around him / her.

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