Where to Buy LSD?

Where to Buy LSD?

LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide was designed originally for medical use, but as with many other party drugs, it began to be abused for recreational purposes. It was in the ‘60s that LSD entered into mainstream popularity, and although it was quickly banned in the US and in many other countries, it began to be used in the underground markets and parties. Today, it is almost impossible to get this drug, as it is banned and considered illegal to use. However, there are still some sources you can buy LSD from.

Dark Web

It is possible to buy LSD easily online, although from the Dark Web. This is the underground market of the internet, and you can come across plenty of websites and online stores that help you to purchase this kind of drug easily. These can be shipped very privately at your address, and the drug dealers maintain a lot of secrecy to ensure that their identity never gets revealed. The cops are always out to get them.

These days, in many cases, drug dealers on the dark web prefer to maintain more confidentiality. This works both ways, and it safeguards the identity of dealers as well as customers. Blockchain, which powers the cryptocurrency technology, is used to protect data. Bitcoins, Litecoins etc are used for the payments, and one can pay for LSD purchases in a very discreet fashion.

Psychedelic companies

You can get LSD from these companies only with a doctor’s prescription. LSD, as you probably know, can be used to treat anxiety and ADHD, when used in low doses. This is for medical use, and the therapeutic benefits of this drug can be felt most when it is consumed in moderation. If your doctor deems you fit for having this drug for alleviating problems like anxiety or concentration problems, you may be prescribed LSD. In that case, you can buy LSD legally. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot use these for substance abuse in that case. You can get only moderate amounts for moderate consumption purposes.

Underground markets

This exists around the dorms of schools and colleges, and the drug dealers mix with students to find out who among them are into recreational drug use. It is recommended that you never consider a purchase from these sources. The quality and purity of LSD is susceptible, and moreover, there are more chances of you getting caught along with the dealer that you buy from.


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